About Cycloneblaze

I'm just this guy, you know?

But who are you?

I'm a physics student, in my 20's. My pronouns are he/him/his.

I'm from Ireland, now living somewhere in Europe (this site is also available at cycloneblaze.eu!).

'Cycloneblaze' is my online handle. It's my identity on the internet, used in part purposely to obscure my real-life identity, and in part because it's how I started out here on the world wide web 🙂 'The Blue Comet' is from my icon; it's, like, a subtitle.

(Any information connected to the name Cycloneblaze should be a subset of what's on this page. Hopefully.)

What do you do?

I do internet stuff. I have some (old) art on deviantART, and some programming on GitHub. I dip into other projects from time to time. For example, right now I'm building a website...

You can find more about where I am and what I'm doing via the links page.

I like creating things: art, code, and writing mainly. I also like learning things - often, obscure and very nerdy things.

Where's the name come from?

This Mega Bloks dragon that was sat on a shelf nearby while I was searching for a username in about 2006.

It has no special significance beyond that, but it's usually available and I still think it's a pretty distinctive online handle, and I like to be consistent, so I keep using it.

You may find me elsewhere under the names 2Cycloneblaze2 or Cycloneblaze2 if the name I wanted wasn't available. Most notably, Twitter.

Most people shorten it to "Cyclone" (which is much prefereable to "'blaze") or "Cyc". That's cool. If I'm lazy and need a temporary username, I might use "cyclo".

Also, I like to riff on it by forming other "Cyclone-noun" words. Like this, the Cyclonesite.

What's that icon?

This thing A small pixellated icon of a blue comet is a comet. The Blue Comet, eponymously.

It originated in a pattern that I made for on Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City (no less) and I've adopted it as my symbol.

I like space and comets, and the colour blue, and pixel art, so I feel like it's pretty fitting. And it was too hard to create a visual representation of "a cycloneblaze".

I want to know more

You'll have to make friends with me and ask 😄